Understanding a little More About Camping Gaz Cylinders

When people think of buying any type of gas equipment, one of the first things they want to be sure about is that the product they opt for will be safe for use and that it will be easily available. Gas is used in commercial as well as residential settings. Apart from that, it’s used in outdoor settings on a property and in camping applications too. This is where Camping Gaz Cylinders come into the picture.

We at Huddersfield Gas are one of the leading suppliers of all types of gas equipment, products and accessories. We have been in this business for over 25 years and have provided a consistently high level of products and service to our customers.

We provide Camping Gaz Cylinders of varying capacities. These are essentially refillable cylinders that you can get refilled at any Campingaz dealers across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and a number of other countries.

Some Camping Gas Cylinders facts

Let’s understand a little more about the different types of gas used in outdoor applications and how Camping gasbecomes an excellent option:

  • Typically, 2 types of gas are used in outdoor stoves- Propane (red)/ butane (blue). Both of these are variants of LPG that is commonly used in camping gas stoves. What’s the difference between these two?
  • Propane works even if the weather gets cold. On the other hand, butane condenses in colder temperatures and it just won’t flow. This means, if you’re planning to do any type of winter camping, propane gas becomes the only option for you.
  • The next logical question that comes to mind is- if propane can work well in all types of weather, then why would anyone opt for butane? The latter tends to burn much more efficiently- this means a smaller bottle of butane will give you more gas than a larger bottle of propane. Apart from this, the propane cylinders are quite heavy and butane Camping Gaz Cylinders are far easier to transport. This is especially true when you are carrying a lot of other camping gear.
  • One more thing you would have to check is which gas your camping stove supports. Some stoves like the Campingaz 400 ST can work with Butane as well as Propane.
  • Camping Gaz Cylinders have an easy screw-fit mechanism on their regulators and regardless of where you go camping in the UK, you wouldn’t find it much of a challenge to find Campingaz refills.
  • There are different capacities of camping gas cylinders. The larger ones are generally used to power patio heaters; they are unwieldy in size and not really convenient to transport.
  • Most campsites also ban these large cylinders for safety reasons. The amount of gas that people need when they are camping, can easily fit in smaller size cylinders.


We at Huddersfield Gas can provide you butane Camping Gaz Cylinders, as well as ones with a butane/propane blend. For cylinders that are 100% made & quality-controlled in Europe, call us at 01484 512760 or write to us via this online form.