Camping Gaz Cylinders

///Camping Gaz Cylinders

If you are considering buying gas equipment, the very first thing you take into consideration is the safety aspect. Its why you look for a company that has a good standing in the market and is known to provide high quality, safe products. When you are looking for Camping Gaz Cylinders, you need look no further than our company. We have been operating in this industry for over 25 years and in this time have created a very strong customer-base for ourselves.

If you are looking for camping gaz cylinders, Huddersfield Gas can provide the products you need. With us, you will get refillable cylinders of different capacities. When you have used up all the gas in them, you just have to go to a Campingaz dealer (anywhere in the UK), Italy, France, Germany to get it refilled. In fact, there are a number of other countries where this facility is available too.

Understanding what Campin Gaz is

There are a number of reasons why Campingaz is an excellent solution for various outdoor applications. Here is some more information about it:

There are 2 types of gas utilized in outdoor applications- these are Butane and Propane. These are essentially LPG variants and are very commonly used  for stoves used in  camp settings. Propane is a good gas to use even in colder weather, while butane tends to condense when the temperature is colder (this prevents it from flowing freely).

And so, in case you want to go camping in the winter months, the only option that’s suitable is Propane gas. This fact makes people wonder why they should use Campingaz (Butane) at all. Here are some reasons why:

  • It burns much more efficiently and you end up using considerably less amount of gas compared to when you use a propane cylinder
  • Its far simpler to transport Camping Gaz Cylinders; which becomes a major benefit when you have camping gear to lug along as well
  • The regulators of these cylinders have a very user-friendly and safe screw-fit mechanism
  • It’s very easy to procure  refills for your cylinders anywhere in the UK
  • Since Butane gas is very efficient, you can afford to carry much smaller cylinders, even for a longer camping trip

Range of cylinders and refills

As you can see, there are some distinct benefits to choosing Camping Gaz Cylinders. We have a number of capacities of cylinders and refills you can choose from, based on your specific needs, such as:

We at Huddersfield Gas can provide you the best butane Camping Gaz Cylinders. In addition, we also supply cylinders that have a butane/propane blend. For cylinders that are 100% made & quality-controlled in Europe, call us at 01484 512760 or write to us via this online form. Visit our website, for more information about the different products we can provide.