Propane Gas Refill

When you are looking for propane gas refills, you want to be sure that the company you source these from is reliable and that it will be able to meet your requirements. We at Huddersfield Gas are one of the leading companies in this space and have been providing excellent services to customers across the region, for the last 25 years. If you are looking for consistent and reliable services, we are the company to come to.

Different refills

Propane gas is widely used in residential, commercial as well as various outdoor applications such as camping, open air BBQs etc. We can cater to all your propane gas refills requirements; the different capacities of Calor gas cylinders we can provide are:

  • 13kg Propane gas bottle– This is used in various applications and is an ideal option for cooking and heating and can be used in static/mobile caravans.
  • 12kg Forklift Truck Propane gas Refill – This bottle is only for use in forklift trucks
  • 9kg Propane gas Refill– This refill can be used in static/mobile caravans and for cooking and heating on narrow catering vans & boats.

Aside from these, we also have 18kg Fork Lift Truck Propane gas Refills, 6kg Light Propane gas Refill, 47kg Propane gas Refills, 340 Propane gas Refills, 6kg Propane gas Refills and 3.9 kg Propane gas Refills,

Please visit our website, for more information about the different products we can provide. We at Huddersfield Gas can provide you the best propane gas refills. Call us at 01484 512760 or write to us via this online form.