The Importance of Choosing the Right Butane Regulators

If you have used butane bottle appliances, you will know that they need a hose and regulators. These are connected to the gas bottle, are used in most patio heaters and portable heaters as well as in non-portable barbecues, and are typically sold as part of the item. Huddersfield Gas is one of the leading companies in this space and over the last 25 years we have seen a number of changes in this field.

Variety of products

butane - regulatorsThe conventional range of high quality Calor heaters and gas bottles used in homes has expanded to a large extent and today it is possible to get products such as:

  • Gas equipment
  • Industrial gases and heaters
  • Heaters for alfresco living
  • Electric heating
  • Charcoal/logs/coal and Air Products gases

Regardless of the application you need to use the appliance in, it’s important that you choose the appropriate gas cylinder and Butane Regulator. When you plan to have a BBQ or go camping, you want to have the right equipment. If the BBQ is gas-fired, you will need suitable Butane Regulators.

Benefits of gas-fired appliances

Today, a large number of people are moving towards using gas-operated appliances for their alfresco areas, in place of charcoal because:

  • They are far less messy
  • Heat up much faster
  • Easier to control the heat
  • Much more convenient to use

It’s important to choose the right kind of bottled gas as well as the right size of bottle. You will find that the gas bottles you purchase from us are colour-coded and our experts will provide you all the information you need about the different types of bottles and their specifications; this helps you make a more well-informed choice. The regulators are equally important and they have to complement the specifications of the bottles. We will help with complete information about those too.

An overview – what do you need

We have a wide range of regulators that are ideal for Butane gas & liquid propane bottles. The regulators are used for:

  • Patio heaters
  • Gas BBQs
  • Gas Heaters
  • Camping Stoves

Choose the right regulator for your needs

Since the Butane Regulators are available in a variety of sizes for a range of bottle that have different fittings, it is crucial to ensure you are choosing a regulator that will fit your gas bottle. The range of Calor Gas regulators we provide are:

  • Butane gas regulator- used in 21mm cylinders
  • 37mbar propane gas regulator –4kg/hour
  • 37mbar patio gas regulator –available in 27mm clip-on type
  • Propane 37mbar 2-cylinder auto-changeover kit (opso)
  • Camping gas regulator -29mbar
  • 37mbar propane regulator (the screw-on type)
  • Butane gas regulator that fits a Calor 4.5kg cylinder

We also have a wide variety of high pressure Propane regulators. For more information about our varied Butane Regulators and other products, call Huddersfield Gas at 01484 512760. You can also connect with us using this online form.